DRAINS & GREASE TRAPS - Drain Ox is ideally suited to remove heavy fat and grease buildups in drain lines and grease traps. Because Drain Ox is non-caustic and non-acid, it can be used in any drain or trap to provide a deep cleaning prior to starting a Momar drain or grease trap maintenance program such as Momar’s 8-Alive Maintain-A-Drain program. If bioenzymatic products are not allowed, Drain Ox is compatible with Momar’s Maintain-It-All System and can be used in a daily treatment program. Great for maintaining surgical drains where blood, cellulite, and other bodily fluids are disposed of.



Slowly add Drain Ox to each drain opening, starting with those located closest to the grease trap and working upstream. 1-3
gallons per drain opening may be required to completely remove existing buildups. Be careful as Drain Ox may produce foam during the
clean-out and this foam may come up through oor drains. Drain boots and drain covers may be used to prevent this from occurring.
Foam can be rinsed back into the drain easily after application. If fumes are produced during the application, add cold water to slow
down the cleaning process and to eliminate the fumes. After initial clean out, add 30-60 ounces of Drain Ox per day as preventative