Drain Ox is the only drain cleaner and grease interceptor additive approved by the Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA). Extensive field-testing of Drain Ox proves that Drain Ox:

  • Devours hydrocarbons such as greases, oils, fats, and solvents
  • Devours bodily fluids and substances such as blood, cellulite, and tissue
  • Eliminates organic odors that bother neighbors and employees
  • Scavenges poisonous hydrogen sulfide, preventing it from corroding metal surfaces
  • Reduces CODs, BODs, and TSSs and their related surcharges
  • Manages the food safety risk of Listeria and drain flies by providing a high level of drain sanitation.
  • Increases Dissolved Oxygen, which boosts biological metabolic activity downstream at the wastewater treatment plant

In addition, Drain Ox exhibited exemplary performance at a low usage rate of 200ppm. Just 64 ounces a day will treat 2600 gallons of water.


Click here to view the literature provided by the Des Moines WRA approving Drain Ox as a chemical in accordance with
the Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Ordinance.


Read the APPROVAL LETTER below for more information: